Festive Fall Arrangement

Decorating for the fall season is something I look forward to every year! I’ve put together a step by step tutorial of a festive fall arrangement that you can add to any fall activity you might be hosting. This arrangement is a fun twist on a tradition fall design. Mixing the classic pumpkins with the popular soft tones of pink, yellow, green and dusty grey makes this piece perfect for the entire autumn season.


To begin, here is a list of supplies you will need:



 Here is a list of the flowers and product I used:

Flower List

Completely soak the floral foam in water and then place in the container of your choice. I used a large square container for this design

IMG_2320 copy

Next, use your greenery to cover the floral foam. It’s alright if some foam is still showing, you can cover the rest with flowers. Make sure to cover the corners too!

Step 1

Begin to insert your more sturdy product into the floral foam. Create different groupings of each flower or product that look most pleasing to your taste!


Step 2


Wooden Sticks

 Next, begin to place the dahlias in the arrangement. I like to group together the bigger and focal flowers to create a more dramatic appearance.

Step 3

Fill in the arrangement with Queens Anne’s lace and ranunculus. These are your filler flowers that will help create flow throughout the arrangement.

Step 4

Make sure to check for any holes or gaps and fill in as needed. Once you create something you like, you’re finished!

IMG_2279 2

Candace + Eden

Candace and Eden were married in Redlands, CA. Candace had a vision of lace, burlap, shades of pink and lots of baby’s breath. I love the soft and delicate texture that baby’s breath adds to an outdoor wedding. Candace and Eden put so much thought and personal details into their wedding making it their pefect day! Enjoy these beautiful images taken by: Kelsey Claire Photography


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Big Changes!

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